How it Works

We will send your Quick Recovery Asset Tags, each of which has a unique web address stored in a QR Code. When they arrive you need to register on the site,attach the codes to your account and complete the details against each one.

Getting your Asset Tags

Go to the Buy option on the menu above and choose your bundle
We will send your Quick Recovery Asset Tags to you by post: we post every day so they should be with you in a couple of days.
You will receive a Master Code along with the QR dots.

Set up your Account

Go to the Log In option on the menu and create your account (or log in if you have already done this)
Now you will need to enter some contact details. As a minimum, we would recommend a primary mobile phone number, a backup phone number and at least one email address. This gives us maximum scope to get hold of you in the event that an item is found. The secondary phone number is especially important because it has proved to be the most effective way to initiate communications with the finder when you lose your primary phone.

Attach your Master Code

When you are logged in you will see an option to add codes to your account. Enter the Master Code and the Asset Tags will be added to your account.

Fill in the details

For each Tag you wish to activate you will need to fill in the description and if it is your primary phone (linked to your primary phone contact details), set the Primay Phone to YES: This will trigger SMS to you backup phone(s) instead of your primary phone if this item is lost.

Lost and Found

When an item is found, the finder has two options: 1) scan the code on the Asset Tag or 2) log on to the website and enter the code into the Found section of the website.
We will then ask the finder for their contact details (name, where they are, phone number and email address). The finder has the option to keep their email and phone numbers private - if they do so then all messages are sent via our secure messaging server, otherwise you will be able to contact the finder directly (your details will be protected initially if you elected to keep your details private.
As soon as the finder has completed the form we will send you an email and SMS message to let you know who has it and where they are. If the finder chose not to keep their details secret then you will be able to call them and arrange to collect the item. Otherwise you will need to liase via email and SMS to arrange a collection. The SMS system will work irrespective of where you are (assuming you can get a mobile signal) and will work even if the finder has a mobile phone from a different country. It is available 24/7 as long as the finder has access to the internet.

Try It

This is a QR code.

To test the finding process, either scan the code above with your phone, or click on it to take you to the same web address